Saturday, August 2, 2014

Oh my! It's Currently August!

Wow!  Where has all of the time gone?  This summer, in addition to vacation, a baby shower, a wedding reception, and the obligatory R&R, I have been busy working on my house (I didn't give it much attention during the school year.  My house got a new roof (hail damage, always fun!) and has been getting a major painting face lift (ALL of the doors/trim, though I'm not quite done yet).

Anyway, I'm back (a day late and a dollar short) to share my contribution to Farley's Currently August linky.  Check it out below:

Really, my answers are pretty self-explanatory.  I must, however, emphasize my response to "Needing."  I DESPERATELY need some back-to-school clothes.  I've got nothing!  How did that happen?  Where do you like to shop for back-to-school clothes?  I like to shop at Ann Taylor LOFT along with a few other places.  

In other news, I'm slowly, but surely getting over my fear of creating things a la TPT.  :-)  I'm trying to create some things that are immediately useful for my classroom.  I've chosen some big projects that have been fairly time-consuming.  Hopefully, I'll have something new to share next time.  I'm starting to get a bit quicker with creating, but it probably takes me WAY longer than the seasoned TPT professional.  :-)  If you have any tips and/or tricks for me, I'd love to hear 'em.  

Until next time,
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