Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I finally did it!!!


I have been blog-stalking for years now, and the time has finally come.  I have joined the blogging world so that I may better connect with the fabulous teachers out there.  I will be entering my fourth year of teaching in a North Texas school district.  My first two years were spent as an elementary ESL teacher.  Last year, I taught bilingual 3rd grade at a different school in the district.  This year, I head back to my first school to teach 2nd grade, and I could not be more excited.  I'm looking forward to connecting with many to share ideas, participate in book studies, and much more!

Until next time,


Dianne said...

Hi Molly,
Welcome to bloggy world! I'm trying to become a follower but I can't seem to find your follower button...please help! :)
Hopelessly Devoted to Teaching

Molly said...


Thanks for visiting. As a newbie, I had completely neglected to add that feature to my blog...OOPS!!! It is fixed now. :-)


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