Thursday, August 2, 2012

Not teaching related at all, PLUS my absence from the blogosphere

Good afternoon!

This week has been nuts (and not in a fun way)!!!  I have moved and to keep it short and sweet I'll just say that it didn't go well, and it hasn't been fixed yet.  I've spent the last 3 days on the phone.  I'll be happy when it's over, and I will never use a certain moving company again. 

In other news, also moving related, Time Warner cable is apparently in very high demand.  So for right now, until Saturday, I'm Internet and cable free.  This post is being brought to you courtesy of a local Starbucks.  I can't wait to be "connected" again. 

From here on out, things are getting busy!!!  First up, my birthday is Sunday.  While I am still in my 20s, I've reached that point where birthdays are kind of horrifying (ANOTHER year older, etc.).  You know what I mean.  I am hoping to get some DonorsChoose $$$$ from family, though (if only I were BFF with Oprah or Stephen Colbert-my classroom would be so lucky!!!).  :-)     

The celebration of my birthday continues Monday with a day spent in district in-service.  No, we won't be celebrating my birthday.  We'll just be in an all-day meeting that I'm not particularly excited about.  I do hope that the math Investigations mystery will finally be unraveled.  I still have NO CLUE how that will work next year, and it makes me antsy to be so uncertain.  It will be nice to see some coworkers and my principal, though. 

Shortly thereafter (I HOPE!!!), we should receive news that our building is ready to be opened up to teachers.  From that point on, school will essentially be back in session...lots to do to get ready for another fun year!!!  (I do have a quick driving trip to Oklahoma planned though, so that will be fun!) 

To give you something teaching related, I will tease my birthday bags.  Once I have Internet again, I'll share them with you.  I think they will be a fun thing for my students' birthdays.  I love the birthday "balloons" that I have seen on Pinterest and some of your blogs. 

How are you spending your last few days before returning to work?  If you have already gone back, how is the new year going for you? 

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My last couple of days of pre-planning were spent...planning. Before this week my last couple of days were spent hanging with my daughters before I had to report to school. Had a very busy summer and going back to school might be restful.

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