Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Currently

Hey everyone, I'm back again to link up with Farley for some January Currently.

Listening: While I am a Sooner alum and HUGE fan, I'm watching this game today for my dad who is busy working and unable to watch.  Plus, as you'll see below, I really wanted to try out football-watching on my new HUGE TV.

Loving: Guys, I got a HUGE (50 ") TV for Christmas.  Not only is this a gift for my family room, but it's a gift for my bedroom as well.  I moved the old TV from the family room in there, so I finally have a TV in my bedroom.

Thinking: I received an LL Bean gift card from my grandparents for Christmas, and I have decided to put it towards a quilt for my guest bedroom.  The guest bathroom has blue and green towels, so I think it will coordinate beautifully.  

Check it out here-it's also reversible :-)  

Wanting: I've alluded to a few things, but I have also recently purchased dining room furniture, some of which is being delivered on Saturday.  Plus ALL of the paint in my house needs a touch-up, and I'm excited to say I am SUPER CLOSE to deciding on a paint color for all of the trim/doors.  

Needing: Pretty self-explanatory.  Just know that I consistently try to put this off as long as possible since it is one of my least favorite places to go.

Memory/Tradition: Again, self-explanatory.  I think this tradition was born because younger versions of ourselves simply couldn't make it to Christmas morning without opening something.  We were also those stereotypical kids who spent days leading up to Christmas shaking our presents and trying to guess what they were.  

This was a particularly fun Currently for me.  This month's version has shown me that I have a lot to look forward to as I celebrate the new year.  Many positive things are happening in my life.  What are you up to this month?  


TheElementary MathManiac said...

That TV sounds fantastic. I have had the same TV I got 10 years ago. It is on the list of things to replace but somehow it just keeps getting bumped down on the list.

The Math Maniac

Christi Fultz said...

I'm always tweaking things around our house. Redecorating is so fun. About the time I decide on a paint color though, I change my mind. ;)

Tania said...

I did some 'damage' on TPT last night...nice kind of damage :) Grocery shopping did not go so well. Came back from Sam's since it was closed.
Happy TV time in bed.
My Second Sense

Teacher Gone Digital said...

It takes me forever to decide on paint colors. I usually end up buying and trying several samples before I settle on a color. I like the reversible quilt you picked out for your guest room. I'm looking to find one myself, but haven't found just the right one yet to go with the muted lavender and silver colors in my guest room.

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