Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DonorsChoose Word-spreading :-)

Hello bloggy-world!  :-)

In the effort to publicize my DonorsChoose project (and after reading what Swimming Into Second had to say about publicizing your projects), I have created a Giving Page for bloggers.  It can be found here.  Unfortunately, I did not do this until after I had already donated to my project, so I don't appear as a member/donator on my own page...darn!!!  I'm also thinking of asking for DonorsChoose giftcards from family and friends for my birthday next month (I don't think its cheating...:-) ).  I'm asking for a subscription to TIME for Kids for my class.  It really enhances our integrated language arts, reading, and social studies curriculum, and I have also seen math and science related stories featured in their weekly issues.  I have just added the Donors Choose widget to my blog like the one Swimming Into Second has on her blog. 

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I have joined DonorsChoose as a way to further enhance my students' educational experience.  For those of you that are unfamiliar, you should head on over and sign up here.  To give those of you a little bit of backgroumd, the site operates on a points system.  It costs (a) point(s) to post a project (points vary depending on the scope of the project).  When it gets funded, you have the opportunity to earn more points.  While you can create projects using the inventory from many, many vendors, once you get 6 points, you can request materials from outside vendors.  I hope to get to this point.  In the past, I was awarded technology grants from my district, but those grants have understandably become a thing of the past. Technology's important role in the classroom is increasing, so I hope to earn the points to apply for classroom technology through DonorsChoose.   

Do you use DonorsChoose?  How do you publicize your projects on DonorsChoose? 


Eileen Griffin said...

Darn! I wish I was able to use Donors Choose. I am a new follower!

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